Monday, December 7, 2015

Beckham turns 5!!!

Happy birthday to our favorite 5 year old. You are the sweetest, most loving, kind hearted goofball I know. We sure love you Beckham! Thanks for being such a good kid.
 Donuts for breakfast before school. We can't have a birthday around here without donuts.
 Beckham wanted McDonalds for dinner, his favorite, mine... not so much! 
 Instead of cake we had Ice Cream with candles. We had already taken cupcakes to his class that day and we were going to have cake for his party the next day. I think that would've been a little much and Beckham is so easy going he didn't mind one bit.
 PartAy time!!
Beckham really loves Chuck-E-Cheese and wanted to invite a couple friends to enjoy it with him. His brothers, of course, and also Ezra and Brant. We all had a blast! We ate pizza and played for a few hours then headed back to our place for cake, ice cream, treats and glow in the dark tag. When I was taking the kids home I asked them what there favorite part was and they all said, glow in the dark tag! Why did we go to Chuck-E-Cheese!? hahaha!

 It's Beckhams special day and he knows it.
 I can't believe this kid is 5!

 It was a good thing Spencer made it home from work in time for the party. ;)