Monday, December 7, 2015

Beckham turns 5!!!

Happy birthday to our favorite 5 year old. You are the sweetest, most loving, kind hearted goofball I know. We sure love you Beckham! Thanks for being such a good kid.
 Donuts for breakfast before school. We can't have a birthday around here without donuts.
 Beckham wanted McDonalds for dinner, his favorite, mine... not so much! 
 Instead of cake we had Ice Cream with candles. We had already taken cupcakes to his class that day and we were going to have cake for his party the next day. I think that would've been a little much and Beckham is so easy going he didn't mind one bit.
 PartAy time!!
Beckham really loves Chuck-E-Cheese and wanted to invite a couple friends to enjoy it with him. His brothers, of course, and also Ezra and Brant. We all had a blast! We ate pizza and played for a few hours then headed back to our place for cake, ice cream, treats and glow in the dark tag. When I was taking the kids home I asked them what there favorite part was and they all said, glow in the dark tag! Why did we go to Chuck-E-Cheese!? hahaha!

 It's Beckhams special day and he knows it.
 I can't believe this kid is 5!

 It was a good thing Spencer made it home from work in time for the party. ;)

Christmas Day

Christmas was a good one this year, as always these boys got way too much! Santa must have thought they were really, really good this year! There's nothing better than the spirit of giving and seeing the joy in your kids eyes when they give and receive. Every year we have the boys get one gift for each of their brothers and also a few gifts for families in need. I love the thought they put in to each gift they get and the amount of self control it take to keep it a secret. We sure love these boys and their big hearts.
 Chase was pretty excited about his first Christmas.
 The gift the boys got dad.

 Chase pretty much just hung out and watched the boys go to town.

 Beckham's favorite gift was his Emmett jacket, so sweet.
 Helping Chase open his gifts.
 Kelan's favorite gift. Kelan's favorite thing right now is science.
 Lookin good Crewsie.
 Best part about Christmas day is hanging out in your P.J.'s ALL day long and playing with all your new toys.

Christmas Traditions

Christmas time is such a fun time of year and I just love all the traditions we have made as a family. 

P.J.'s, hot chocolate and christmas lights
 Chase was done with his car seat and needed to help dad drive down Christmas tree lane.
 Gingerbread houses is one of my favorite traditions, Spencer has learned to tolerate it. Hahaha! This year we got together with friends to do it but I have been slacking in the picture taking department. Nathan, Rachel and Beckham worked really hard on the gingerbread house on the left. Crew and I did the gingerbread house on the right. Annnnd Kelan and Spencers gingerbread house didn't survive. Haha! They tried their best.
 Making cookies for santa

 Writing letters to Santa
 New Years Eve Christmas P.J.'s
 Christmas Sunday

Family Pictures 2014

I love taking family pictures every year and seeing how our family has grown. One, it is crazy that we have four kids. Two, it is crazy that we have four boys!! Everyone always says, oh man, four boys, you have your hands full, hahaha!! But, I sure love having four boys. They are all so fun in their very own way. Kelan has such a big heart and is the best big brother, he is always so willing to help. Beckham is our sweet quite guy, he is a big people pleaser and never wants to disappoint or make anyone feel bad. So far Crew is our only true boy, meaning, he has the crazy, fun, rambunctious boy personality, he is always the life of the party and we love him for that. Chase is just as sweet and easy going as they come. I don't know what we would do without any of these sweet boys in our family, we love them all so much! 

Visitors, Visitors, Visitors!!!

Josh & Dana are here!!!
Our Besties came to visit! Josh had a conference in the city to go to, so Dana got to tag along and come play with us while Josh was busy doing his thing. It was so fun, we love when Josh and Dana come to visit. The only thing that would've made it better is if the girls could've come too, next time!

 I sure miss this Lady, she's seriously the best!!!
 Spencer and Chase didn't make this family picture because poor Chase was having a hard time gulping too much windy beach air in.

Cousin Time 
The next week we were blessing Chase so we got to have more visitors. Stephen, Afton and their family, Merilee and Kennedy, Robert and Robyn, and My family all came in to town for Chases special blessing day. It was so fun having them all here for this special day.
 We took the cousins to the Golden Gate Park and explored at the beach.
 It's always a good time when cousins come to visit.
 Racing the waves with Papa. It was all fun and games until they were all soaked and sandy and cold, haha!
 Spencer gave Chase a beautiful blessing. We are so grateful for this sweet baby and the wonderful spirit he has brought into our home. I am so grateful for our eternal family and love all of these boys so much!
 All of the men who helped bless Chase.

We love you Chase!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Crazy Times

We are all a little exhausted around here, haha! Who's idea was it to throw a fourth kid in the mix anyway!? Chase has definitely been my most needy baby, perfect timing, why not save the needy one for while we are in residency. It's a good thing he is so sweet and we all love him so much. He pretty much needs to be held 24/7 and if he's not being held you need to make him feel like he is with pillows or blankets and he'll be alright for a while. His fussiest time of the day is at dinner time, of course, so we've been eating a lot of cereal for dinner lately. The other day my friend came over to say hi and visit for a while and I told her she couldn't leave, EVER, I just needed her to stay and hold Chase all day long so I could get something done. This little guy pretty much lives in his carrier, mostly while I'm making dinner or while we're at basketball practice or mutual... the list goes on. He loves to snuggle.
Luckily I've got lots of little helpers who also love to snuggle.
 This kid has been spoiled and snoozes with me more than he probably should. I just can't resist that squishy face.

 Daddy can't resist him either.

 We've been taking a break from looking presentable around here. Haha, Chase is the only one who gets to bathe now a days and the boys are always right there to help.
 Sword fights almost always end in casualties around here. Poor Crew got whacked in the head with the PVC pipe sword, minus the foam. Woops, that's what happens when your mom's busy with a baby and not keeping the craziness under control. Poor Beckham felt really bad about it.
 Kelan is a serious baby lover, just like his dad and a serious lifesaver. This kid is always doing so much to help me out and I don't know what I would do without him.
 I woke up to feed Chase in the middle of the night and saw this. I'm not a fan of my kids sleeping in my bed so they always know to hop up on Dad's side. Spencer is always so good to snuggle them, this is the quality time they get with Dad during residency. 
 This is how we spend our mornings, snuggling, snuggling, snuggling.
 I told Beckham and Crew they could stay up as late as they wanted. Party animals almost made it to 8:00, hahaha!
Even though life has been crazy around here we have been loving every second, well... maybe not every second, but we've been loving life and these boys sure make it fun.